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Project: National Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation C.R.I.



Services Rendered

Construction and Sub-contract Management

Project Status

Started in December 2005, Finished in June 2007

Key Personnel

  • Engineer Nelson Ferrer, Supervisor
  • Engineer Abdel Nader, Resident

Project Description

  • Ground movement and canalizations
  • Steel profile structure
  • Concrete structure
  • Masonry and finished
  • Works of exterior infrastructure
  • Air conditioning system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Works of aluminum and glass
  • Electrical system
  • Bathroom fixtures

Project Summary

This orginal facility was built with funds donated by the 1982 telethon, organized by Club Activo 20-30. As additional space was required a new facility was proposed, once again with the support of the club activo 20-30 and the telethon of the year 2007. The work was carried out in land donated by the government. Earthwork totalling 54,042.95 m3 (combining cut and filling) and re-routing a 280 ml water course was part of the initial infrastructure work. The building totals 2,185 m2, housing administrative offices, orthopedic offices, odontology, orhtesis and prosthesis, gymnasiums divided for adults and children, therapeutic swimming pool and cafeteria. To achieve column-free areas in the gymnasiums and the swimming pool a steel profile structure and AMCO dome roof was selected. The rest of the building was made with conventional concrete structures.