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Project: Water Bottling Plant for Aguas Cristalinas


Inmobiliaria Don Roberto

Services Rendered


Project Status

Started May 2012, completed December 2013

Key Personnel

  • Ing. Alejandro Ferrer, Superintendent
  • Ing. Evelyn Lozano, Project Engineer
  • Ing. Linnette Pinilla, Project Engineer

Project Description

  • 3024 square meters of warehouse for water processing, including a flat floor and pavement joint design.
  • Exterior pavement for trucks and parkings
  • Access road.
  • Technical rooms and raceway for MEP systems, emergency generator and driver restrooms.

Project Summary

Aguas Cristalinas was looking to improve and expand their current facility dedicated to the bottling and distribution of water. The structure consisted of metal frames welded on site and louver walls for ventilation. While the project was in construction, extra scope was added, including exterior concrete pavements and access road to allow for proper loading and unloading procedures.